Volume 11, Issue 1, Winter 2010, Page 8-138

The management of the Higher Involvement and its effect in the organizational performance ( Survey Study on the Performance of a Sample of the general State Company of Electrical Industry Employees )

Abdul Kadhim Hassan; Hussein Falah Dawod

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 85-96

This research aims at identing the effect of the management of the higher involvement and its effect in organizational performance
, based on the theory whose its concept of effect of the international containment management in the organizational management , whereas it has chosen the general state company of electrical industry gathering for study where it has been distributed (145) questionnaire form , and it has been collected fully by using the tools and statistical means which confirmed the theory rightness the research based on .

Administrative Empowerment and its Relation to workers' innovation

Jawad Muhsin Radhi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 62-84

The study is concerned with administration empowerment and its relationship to the innovation of worker. Empowerment has several aspects such as authorizing workers to perform certain tasks, team work, training, effective communication, incentives, while workers innovation includes certain aspects such as taking risks, flex ability, persuasion, scientific thinking. A questionnaire was made to measure the administrative empowerment in a random sample of (37) officials of the college of administration and economics Al-Qadisiya university. Results showed a close relationship between empowerment and innovation.

R & D capabilities in selected Arab countries and its role in enhancing the competitiveness

AL-Kekany Nazar Kadhum Sabah

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 98-118

The research aims to analyze the reality of R & D activity and its place in the promotion of competitiveness in Arab economies ,The research shows that the interest in this issue is a major avenue for economic development and feeds knowledge with new innovations and thus enhance competitiveness The research finding that there are slowing spending on research and development in these countries despite the availability of financial and human resources for the most areas , which was modest in this area, and they did not play its role in enhancing the competitiveness of their economies, although some of them have the status of high technology relatively, but less than in other countries. The research attempts try to identify the potential of Arab countries in narrowing the gap in research developed countries and developing countries, to be achiever through the whole study in question included a five-axis of the necessary means proposed by the researcher promoting this activity and its competitive position.

The Interactional Role For Knowledge Management Through Customer Relationship Management in Organizational Success: A questionnaire Study for opinion's of High and Middle Managements Sample in Iraqi Private Banks

Moaid S. Youssef

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 8-40

The idea of the research is to discover the interactional role between knowledge management and customer relationship management. The non-government banks aim to know organization customers, providing them with suitable services in suitable time in order to reach their goals to strengthen trust between them in order to achieve profile utility which achieve success of this banks.
The research was conducted in a number of un government banks at Baghdad and Babylon provinces, (11) banks were determined and (50) persons representing high and middle managements were chosen in order to survey their opinions ,Important conclusions appeared such as banks' success depends on the respect of a customer and knowledge generation dominated at the rest of knowledge management.

The Effect of the Organizational Trust in Strategic Performance By Using Balance Scorecard Model (A Practical study In Southern Cement State company of Kufa)

Sabiha Kasem Hashem

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 41-61

This research aims at knowing the effect of the organizational trust in strategic performance by using Balance scorecard model. To achieve that aim, through the private theoretical review, Researchers have built a tool includes 15 Items represent variables of organizational trust which represent dependent variables divided into sub variables ( trust in co-workers, trust in the immediate supervisor, trust in upper management ),as well as 8 items represent variables of Strategic Performance divided into four fields ( consumer axis, financial axis, operations axis, innovation axis), They represent independent variables. A hypothetical model has been showing the relationship between variables of that research, the sample consists of 36 individual have distributed the questionnaire of the research after checking its honesty and its stability according to alpha – Kronbach .It reached 0.93, the documents of the research have been analyzed by using spss program. The result showed the agreement of the members of the sample upon importance the organizational trust in Strategic performance of organization. Organizational trust helps to create positive attitudes of employees towards the organization and help to improve the effectiveness of the organization and thus reflected in the achievement of strategic performance. According to the results of the research the two researchers have suggested some of recommendations.
Key Words: Trust, Organizational Trust, Balance Scorecard, Balance Scorecard Models.

Analysis of aspects and causes of the financial and administrative corruption Surveying study for a sample selected from al-diwaniyah city

Lect.Ali Soker Abood

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 119-138

The financial and administrative corruption is considered one of the challenges that face the world economics specially these of the developed countries because it wastes and steals the fortunes and invests them uselessly and unproductively. Countries and world organizations tried to put plans and necessary strategies to overcome that corruption and limit its negative effects. This research (Analysis of the Aspects and Causes of the Financial and Administrative CorruptionSurveying Study for a Sample Selected from Al-Diwaniyah City) is an attempt precisely explan aspects of financial corruption represented by bribe and embezzlement of public money and
others and to suggest essential recommendations to activate the amtid role and legal interrogation.