Volume 12, Issue 4, Autumn 2011, Page 8-249

The Relationship between emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence: an analytical study of the views of a sample of Tdrisie Faculty of Education at the University of Qadisiya

Ihsan D. Chilab

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 8-33

The aim of the present research is to examine two models: the first related to emotional intelligence (Schutte et al., 1998),and the second is Cultural Intelligence Center model for cultural intelligence. The sample was 67 of faculty staff of education college in Al-Qadissiah university which distributed on 8 departments and sport unit in this college .In order to investigate the validity of these models to our environment ,principal components method and Varimax factor rotation has been used . And after using welted mean ,standard deviation ,and Pearson correlation coefficient , the research discover that having adaptive abilities of emotional intelligence will earn the faculty staff cultural intelligence capabilities. Finally the research ends with many recommendations one of which is pay attention to emotional and cultural intelligence tests in selecting faculty staff of local universities and technical institute, and teaching these concepts to undergraduate and postgraduate student.

Measurement and Analyzing of maintenance performance indicators in factor clothes children in Mosul

Riyadh J. Wahab

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 34-48

The Search aimed to measure performance of maintenance activities and comparative it with standard performance to standing on the gap between actually performance in organization under search and standard performance . and the search for causes result in lower performance of maintenance activities from the standard performance. and sequence, reduction utilization of machines , equipments and facilities of organization from needed level . the problem of search representive of poor activities of maintenance in keeping of machines , and facilities of organization . and then lower it performance from wanted . the hypothesis of search summaries in following “ that measurement the performance of maintenance activities in organization under search lead to find the gap between the actually performance and needed performance , and sequence determine weakness, point in maintenance and then processing it “ . the search arrived at found gap between actually and wanted performance for maintenance activities according to indicators based in search . and the recommendation in necessary available maintenance crew qualified in term efficiency , effectiveness , and experience to performance all business of preventive and remedial maintenance .

Accounting for environmental performance and its impact in the protection of Environment and protection from pollution

Nadhim S. Jabar

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 50-71

The environmental impacts resulting from the exercise of economic facilities for various activities to serious repercussions on the environment, which represents the container mass of the components of natural wealth, society and life in general, and it became the duty of establishments engaged in Economic activities which have environmental impacts that discloses for damages arising from the environmental impacts and that the requirements of the community . That the depletion of natural resources which are not renewed - or, which is renewed slowly - cause for concern. Since accountants have a particular role is very effective; because of their direct access to financial information of the facilities on the differences, and their ability to improve or verify the quality of the information, and skills in the use of information, to help make the right decisions for facilities in areas such as investment appraisal, they have the burden the largest in the measurement and disclosure and reporting of environmental accounting information . This research aims to highlight the importance of environmental accounting as an information system was in the service of society 'and encourage the application of accounting for environmental performance and consolidated with the financial accounting in order to prevent or reduce adverse environmental effects to society arising from the exercise of economic units of various activities by including the financial statements of environmental effects the results of its work to improve the accounting information provided by accounting systems, given the importance of accounting information in decision-making to develop plans and policy for the protection of the environment as a receptacle destruction of the components of natural wealth, and from that this study was to examine the problem does not install the data on the environmental impacts - in the accounting records - resulting from the exercise of economic units of various activities, although the information on the activities performed by these units to reduce or minimize the environmental impacts arising out of one of the economic realities that should be communicated to decision makers because the environment is a receptacle destruction of the components of the natural wealth .

Evaluating the internal observation systems in the higher education sector in Iraq / Applied study in the internal observation Department / University of Qadisiya

Qassim Mohammed Abdullah Baaj

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 72-95

The research actions targeted department oversight and internal audit in the presidency University and colleges in the auditing units to stand on some regulatory problems and propose appropriate solutions and the researcher used the descriptive approach in the theoretical side statistical analysis ,the scientific side and developed to offer a questionnaire court consisted of five main findings and conclusions to a group of the most important increase Interest in systems of internal control and auditing system of turning to destruction test and achieve a number of the most important goals of efficiency-based activities and the development of Auditing standards and enabled the inter find out recommendations and proposals which increase the activating the role of internal control in the universities and the development of audit procedures and commitment to the directives of Supreme Audit and the reduction of fraud , Forgery, financial , administrative corruption and increase the number of auditors in the colleges

Building statistical models of data mining is not the product of wheat in Iraq

Raad F. Hassan

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 97-108

this search deals with the artificial neural network model in predicted model for data of agriculture production of wheat in iraq. by using the form ( 1-2-2 )FFNN which represented one input layer consist of two independent variables add to the constant (the bias ) and one hidden layer consist of two nodes each node taken to be logistic function from the other hand the output layer consist of one node represented dependent variables (response variable )add to the constant ( bias )and this node taken to be linear function this study plained that the artificial neural network model is the best for building the predicted model of wheat production in iraq .

The use of factor analysis of the higher grades in determining the most important factors in the socialization of children under the age of six

Mohamed Abdel Hussein Mohamed

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 109-123

Factor analysis one of the statistical methods, which aims to simplify the correlate that have a statistically significant between the different variables involved in the analysis leading to the common factors that describe the relationship between these variables and their interpretation. Thus, it is a scientific approach to analyze multiple data associated with each other to varying degrees of correlation in the form of a separate list of categories on the basis of the quality of the classification and tracers of the properties among themselves according to common theoretical framework and logic of scientific and objective of the study. In this research was the use of factor analysis of the higher grades Higher factor analysis in data analysis to study and identify the most important factors in the socialization of children under the age of six.