Volume 13, Issue 4, Autumn 2012, Page 8-225

Managing paradox forces in an organizations through accept strategy Analytical study sample of colleges in the Iraqi University

Amer Ali AL-Atwi; Saad Ali Alienizi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 8-42

The present study aims to test model of Paradox Acceptance Strategy. This model reflects studying antecedents of paradox acceptance in organizational phenomena based on Paradox Theory which was presented by (Smith & Lewis, 2011) according to model of organizational dynamic equilibrium. Sample of study included selecting group of Iraqi universities involved (103) colleges and (446) individual (dean, assistant and department chiefs). Data was collected by using questionnaire for testing set of hypotheses. These hypotheses aim to test the relationship among individual level variables (Cognitive complexity; Behavioral complexity; Emotional stability) and paradox acceptance in leaders, and also the relationship among organizational level variables (Dynamic capabilities) and paradox acceptance using some of the suitable statistical means like the linear modeling according to leaders. After extraction findings, and number of meaningful conclusions and recommendations were formulated.

The Impact of Organizational Equilibrium in Job Satisfaction under the Organizational Justice: An Empirical Research in selected departments in Ministry of Oil

Entesar H. Al-Dulaimy

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 43-65

The Research aimed to find the direct and indirect impact Organizational Equilibrium in job satisfaction by organizational justice at the center of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Research applied the descriptive analytical approach through using a stratified random sample Method and questionnaire was used as a key instrument for data collection, The sample size (154) workers in different job levels, in (11) circle inside the center of the ministry, in addition to the interview semi-structured and descriptive observation, and used a range of statistical methods (coefficient alpha - Cronbach, factor analysis, correlation matrix Kendall, test t, Path Analysis, the coefficient of R-P).
The most important results of the Research are There are significant correlation between variables of the Research at the aggregate level, and Organizational Equilibrium impact on job satisfaction indirectly across organizational justice, and that the ministry center is unbalanced, most of workers, agreed in the ministry center, that there is organizational justice, and highest percentage-level was on dimensional agreement is; Interactive Justice, followed by procedural justice, and distributive justice, and they're satisfied with their work and highest percentage-level was the dimensional agreement satisfaction management style on, followed by satisfaction for the organizational climate, and job security, and the work itself, and recognition, and satisfaction resulting from job conditions, The most important recommendations of the study are that the center of the ministry must exploit introducing developing opportunities and a good relationship with management to improve the providing of Inducements and Contributions in justice.

Organizational Justice and its impact on job satisfaction for workers: A prospective study on a sample of teachers in number of schools in the Province of Al-Diwaniyah

Ali Sukker Abbud

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 66-81

The concern of the administrations to achieve the organizational justice in its all forms in relation to workers was the result of its growing awareness of the positive impact on staff satisfaction and loyalty to their organization and that is why, many researchers gave this subject a great importance.
Our research "organizational justice and its impact on job satisfaction for workers - a prospective study on a sample of teachers in number of schools in the province of Al- Diwaniyah," comes within this context.
The research was mentioned to highlight the importance of organizational justice in all its forms as a requirement for a human and organizational needs that the administration needs to work to achieve. The problem of the research was designed to find out the research sample's sense of justice in the way they it is dealt with.
The researcher has adopted in the study on a sample of teachers amounted to 472. The researcher dashed from the null hypothesis that the organizational justice has no effect on the job satisfaction, but through research, it has been reached to the conclusion that the sense of the sample to the organizational justice and job satisfaction was acceptable, as well as the existence of a positive correlation between them, which means rejecting the null hypothesis.
The researcher made some recommendations that focus on improving the material and moral support to the workers and giving them the importance of what they do.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education and It's Effect in the Quality of perceived service: An Experimental study on a sample of the college of Administration and Economics students, AL- Qadisiya University

Bushra Abdul Hamza Abbas; Jawad Muhsin Radhi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 82-111

The Research aims at evaluating Quality assurance in the college of Administration and Economics to achieve the demands of higher education quality, which includes teaching staff Quality, the teaching process Quality, Students Quality, Curriculum Quality and, teaching facilities Quality. The research evaluates the effects of these on the quality of perceived service from the students' point of view depending on (SERVQUAL) Scale, which includes Tangibility, dependability, Response, Safety, and Sympathy. A questionnaire was distributed on (51) male and female fourth year students in the collage and data was analyzed via suitable statistical methods. The research concluded that students have positive opinions about the educational process quality despite some drawbacks in quality assurance. The researcher presented some recommendations, the most important one is college concentration on applying the standards of Quality Assurance and to improve them continuously.

Fair Value Approach Relationship by Global Financial Crisis (Case Study in Bank of Leman Brothers)

Hatim K.Kadhm

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 113-128

Many of the Accusations were addressed to some International Accounting Standards, including Standards for Fair Value, Disclosure and Caution being Responsible for A global Financial Crisis that was repeated in the Recent Past and have become A matter of concern and interest, There have been a number of reasons cause interesting Fact of this Crisis which is the increased Volume of Debt (Leverage) because there are Assets representing Ownership of Resources in kind from the Land and Buildings and others Assets representing indebtedness of any Lending and Borrowing, which is the Main Cause of theCrisis, as well as the lack of Oversight and Supervision of Financial Intermediaries such as investment Banks and Brokers Mortgages or Lack of Supervision of new Financial Products such as Derivatives or Control of Financial Institutions that issued Certificates of Credit worthiness, lack of Transparency and Delayed Disclosure of Accumulated Losses in the Financial Statements to Financial Institutions, and increase the interest Rate Progressive led to the increasing burden of Mortgage Loans in terms of duration and payment of Premiums, and that the American Banks didn’t observe the deal of Bazel(1) and Bazel(2). The Combination of these Factors helped to the Crisis But though the charges were to Approach the Fair Value of being a Major Cause of this Crisis is that the Goal of this Research is to Answer The following Question: - Is the use of Curriculum Fair Value Measurement of Financial Assets is one of the Main Reasons for A global Financial Crisis?
The study has Reached a set of Conclusions, Mainly A difference by Economists and Financial Analysts on the Causes of the Crisis and Ways to treat and cause charge Approach Fair Value is the lack of access to Alike Market minute to many of The Assets and The possibility of Manipulation and charge accusation of this Approach as the main cause of the Crisis is just untrue.
The Most Important Recommendations of the Research need to Restore Confidence to Financial Markets by educating the Investors of the importance of Adopting International Accounting Standards and contribute to give Transparency to make their Decisions right and work to Avoid Companies and Financial Markets in the Country as victim to Experiences and Ideas that went wrong by Corporations and Global Markets and take all the Ways and Mechanisms to Address them.

Economic Dimensions of Environmental Pollution

Haider Kadhum Mehdi; Kareem Salim Hussain

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 130-143

The environmental pollution has become one of important issues in our contemporary world because of its significant impact on humans, animals and plants, and the importance of issue of pollution from its association with other sciences, including economics, For instance, the pollution leads to the effect on the agricultural sector and this leads to a decrease in production, which generates a decline in gross domestic product, as well as also for the industrial sector, where the pollution with smoke or feces factories leads to influence the health of workers, and thus pollution environmental causes economic costs, both spending health or economic losses due to the deterioration of agricultural production.

The Economic Role of support Programs to the small and medium industrial projects in Iraq

aibith; Sundus Jasim Sha; Musa Khalaf Awaad

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 144-161

The small projects are considered as projects of economic and social importance, they are complementary projects to a large number of large projects in various economic sectors, as well as they address the problems that the large-scale industries couldn’t overcome, the problems are in two major aspects: tackling unemployment as the small projects contribute to the reduction of unemployment by providing work opportunities, continuously and at low cost when compared to large industries, and therefore they are to ease the burden on the government on that side. The second aspect is financial as it helps small businesses in the development of private sector's role in the national economy for limited role of the state (public sector) and thus reduce the capital expenditures of the national government, which means easing the financial burden on the general budget of the government, can also be directed these funds surplus to support small projects financially, for a certain period of time according to the program of financial support and technical support for the establishment of these projects, and in coordination with the institutions and non-governmental bodies of the private sector. That small and medium enterprises in Iraq suffers from many problems, and the origin of these problems, often because of the weakness of the possibilities of those projects administratively, technically and financially, which makes them in need to someone to help them to face those problems, so it is necessary to think about the completion of certain regulatory requirements essential to help small and medium enterprises to cope with their problems, that these requirements are part of a comprehensive national program is to support those projects. As the regulatory framework for small and medium-sized non-specific as it does in Iraq, a specialized body to provide services to small and medium enterprises in an integrated manner to determine the investment opportunity and the process of the feasibility study and access to finance and access to the marketing process, but there are several points of providing services in general for all projects large and small and medium and is stopped short of ordering to the ambition, and these entities are: (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank) and holds these entities supervision and the issuance of laws, regulations and instructions for projects and supervising the organization of the industrial sector in particular, and provide services and encouragement for the development of the industrial sector, It is also the focus of most of what only a matter of funding and the granting of loans and credit facilities are modest and unplanned and unstructured. This dispersion in the actors repeat that process to support small and medium enterprises so that there were not the actual and programmed plan for the development and support of these legislators in support of the national economy because of its great importance to and actively support the national economy. As part of facilitating access to finance for small and medium enterprises and development, trying to study the adoption of a goal with only a formulation of the system of financing to support contributes to facilitate the work of these projects, especially a dire need of money, including the establishment of a special device to support these projects in Iraq, including a special body Therefore, and the establishment of incubators have in addition to the company to market the products of small and medium enterprises, as well as setting up a fund financing it provides financial support and a mechanism to ensure the risk of loans granted to him and banks, also for these projects are more practical and more secure, and in order to develop and activate the role of small and medium enterprises, Recognizing the importance of the role played by these projects. This mechanism works on the other hand to encourage commercial banks to provide financing for small and medium enterprises, and to avoid the caution was Tltzmh banks towards these projects. On the other hand, to support small businesses need to take several legal proceedings, administrative and financial by the relevant authorities, and perhaps among those procedures established an independent body for the development of small enterprises and provide the necessary funding for the owners of small projects. And the participation of the banking system in facilitating the financing of these projects. A review of the levels of interest rates imposed on the banking and loans and advances granted to small enterprises. And to consider the possibility of setting up investment companies (mutual funds) to support small projects. The bearing part of the financial and technical support by the government. And encourage the creation of clusters of small enterprises in order to increase their competitive position and provide tax incentives to them.

Water gap in Iraq for the period (1980-2005) and future expectations until 2030. analytical study using economic methods of measurement

Muhanad A. Al-Shalal; Abdul-Adhem A. Al-shukary

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 162-202

Although Iraq is one of the affluent countries of water due to the multiplicity of sources of water, and high per capita availability of water in it and the estimated (2500 m3/ year), but the water supply in Iraq Suffers from fundamental problems of serious futuristic proportions, the most important of it is the adoption of this presentation on surface water coming from neighboring countries, especially in the absence of binding agreements that govern the rights of each side in these waters, as well as poor coordination with these countries with regard to its water policy, The effects of that reflected as a decline in the quantity and quality of water coming from abroad over time. As well as the adoption of internal water supply on precipitation, which is characterized with oscillation from year to year as well as the failure to achieve the best use of other sources such as ground water And non-traditional sources, and twice the storage capacity, and high wastage rates All these factors indicate real problems experienced by water in Iraq and the results of which was the survival of large areas Of arable land without exploitation, either with regard to the demand for water in Iraq, the agricultural sector is the largest consumer and in line with the global trend in water modeling . Due to the lack of studies in this area at the Arab level and local levels as well as the importance of knowledge of precise estimates about the supply and demand for water and the factors affecting them and the future expectations for the two .In order to activate the development plans and put the present and future national programs and strategies we have chosen this research which Contains identifying factors affecting the water gap in Iraq and relying on data from time series for the period (1980-2005) and try to reach estimates of water supply and demand functions in Iraq and then to future predictions for these functions till year (2030).

The Abilities of the government spending power in the Development of Education In Iraq for the period (1991-2012)

Insijam Kareem Waheed; Nazar Kadhim Sabah

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 203-225

Various governments do what all in its power to promote education and develop it as a strategic asset which nourishes the community of human resources and serves as the best investment for it, It is increasingly important through the influence of policy spending power, on the grounds that the promotion of education requires the availability of potential and expenses according to permanent contribution to the sustainable development process, and Iraq, like other countries, the education is suffering of the challenges, the most important among which is weakness of organization and poor planning, as well as the deterioration of educational services in spite of financial abundance in this country. That the issue of education funding has become a prerequisite for its development in its various aspects, and it became the emphasis on the importance of education funding is very important to achieve economic and social benefits and to achieve the objectives of the research which included three axes the first was devoted to the concepts of both government spending and education and the vision of economic theory in them while both the second was devoted to the issue education spending and the factors affecting it, and the third has included analysis of indicators of government spending on education in Iraq, then the result of the main conclusions and recommendations.

An Improved Algorithm for Dynamic Independent Component Analysis

Doru Constantin; Evan Hamzh

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 12-20

The inner time-structure information is considered for the dynamic independent component analysis (DICA) model, and the new concept of improved and corresponding algorithm are presented. When the improved is applied in DICA, a new linear mixing model of improved DICA (IDICA) can be obtained in which the assumptions of independence and non-Gaussianity for the basic ICA model are also satisfied, and the non-Gaussianity of latent components increase. What’s more, the mixing matrix (or demixing matrix) estimated from IDICA model is also available for original DICA model. Then the new algorithm of (IDICA) is presented, and the effects of IDICA are discussed. It is validated that it can accelerate the convergence rate with the increasing of the latent component’s non-Gaussianity, but has little influence on the convergence accuracy. In performing improved, the adaptive filter based on Minimum Square Error (MSE) is proposed. The experimental results show the new method’s efficient and available.