Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Page 7-218

The Role of TMT Behavioral Integration in Enhacing Team Innovation

Wed Najah Jaber; Saleh A.Rashid

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 7-24

This study aimed to introduce an intellectual and practical framework about the possibility of employing behavioral integration of top management team that reflects the level of interaction among team members in connection with information exchange, collaborative behavior and participation in decision-making to enhance team Innovation. The Study was based on the descriptive analytical approach to the opinions of (229) of the heads and members (50) college's councils in the Middle Euphrates universities. The results showed a significant correlation between various dimensions of top management team behavioral integration and team Innovation which indicates the possibility of employing this relationship to enhance that innovation. The study came out with a set of recommendations among them work to provide enough support to new ideas that contribute to the development of the work of educational institutions.

The role of managerial innovation strategies to improve functional performance A Field Study In Kufa Cement Factory

Saad M. Abed; Ali M. Ali; Moayad Al-Saadi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 25-49

The study Cared to identify the role of managerial innovation strategies in the functionality of the workers in the Kufa Cement Plant, through study and administrative reality of creativity and functionality in the lab. The research methodology based and dimensional analysis, which focuses on the collection of data on the phenomenon and its interpretation and test results, and have been using the program Statistical ready for Social Sciences (SPSS) to analyze the data that have been obtained through the poll sample consisting of (91) persons working in senior and middle management of the plant and come up with recommendations to increase attention to both creativity and functionality, Study reached a number of conclusions was the most important that the factory administration does not support or encourage creativity and did not endorse seriously. It is also not interested in the creation and R & D units to improve job performance. Study and came out a number of recommendations was the most important need for direct administration Kufa Cement Plant to support and encourage innovation competition between teams working inside the factory.

The role of knowledge management infrastructure capabilities in strategic entrepreneurship :An analytical study to engineers' opinions of state enterprise of cotton industries company/ Babylon

Ihssan Dahash Challab

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 50-71

Interested in the current study to identify the nature of the role played by knowledge management infrastructure capabilities to increase the level of strategic entrepreneurship of the organizations. In order to achieve this objective, study reviewed a number of models related to knowledge management infrastructure capabilities and strategic entrepreneurship. This study settled on the adoption of Gold's et al. (2001), Lee and Lee (2007) models for measuring knowledge management infrastructure capabilities (Structure, cultural, information technology, and human resource), and Sirén's et al. (2012) model for measuring strategic entrepreneurship (exploration strategy and exploitation strategy). The state company for cotton industries in Babylon has been chosen for the purpose of testing these models. The researcher prepared a questionnaire distributed to a sample of the company's engineers with response rate of 88%. After conducting statistical analysis, the main conclusion that knowledge management infrastructure capabilities impact in increase the level of strategic entrepreneurship. Finally, this study has confirmed a number of recommendations on the importance of caring for the human resources and seek to acquire information technology tools required to compete with global organizations.

Using Pure and Mix Strateges for Aggregate Planing to Reduce Costs

Hashim Nayef Hashim

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 72-88

Aggregate planning an approach to determine the quantity &timing of production for intermediate future (usually 3-18 months). time horizon. operations managers try to determine the best way to meet forecasted demand by adjusting productions rates, inventory levels, over time, subcontracting rates. Aggregate planning decisions are strategic decisions that define the framework within which operating decisions will be made. They are starting point for scheduling & production control system.
There are several Techniques that manager use when developing aggregate plan such as pure strategies, mixed strategy, liner programming and transportation method ete.
The search aim to use pure & mixed strategies in company. the search arrive the cost of first strategy (level production strategy) is (93000) thousand diner and the cost of scound strategy (chase demand strategy) is (77400) thousand diner. But the best one is mixed strategy which is low cost (48000) thousand diner.

Business Ethics: the perspective of contemporary administrative in corroborating social responsibility of organizations A survey of the opinions of employees at Al-Shakiry Foundation for social charities

Jenan shehab ahmed

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 89-112

Two Variables interacted to form a theoretical and practical frame for this research, which are (business ethics and social responsibility) Because they are important issues in the Arab environment in general, and the Iraqi environment in special, this search started from a problem expressed by a number of questions of intellectual and applicative in an attempt to demonstrate the nature and type of the relationship between these two variables by workers at the institution shakiry for social charities reached (57) individuals within the branches of (Baya, and Sadr City in Baghdad, a branch of Najaf, Nasiriyah branch, and the branch of Baquba in Diyala). Important the search in intellectual framing for search variables depend on application afford for actuality of business ethics in corroborating social responsibility, In order to get this aim two main hypothesis has been formulated and tested with a set of descriptive statistical tools and a inferential, questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data and information from the organization. The search conducted to conclusions which determine variables actual in the organization, was most outstanding positive in the availability of variables business ethics and social responsibility in the search organization, but the independent variable (leadership ethics) are most influential in the dependent variable (social responsibility) which indicates the importance of ethical behavior for leadership and its association with all other variables in the Organization. It also presented research a number of recommendations was the most prominent need for the state to provide the infrastructure requisite to corporate performance and Iraqi organizations its accordance with business ethics and social responsibility as well as develop an integrated plan for organizational culture in the application and practice dimensions business ethics on the part of the social responsibility of the other side.

Innovation leadership and its relationship to the requirements of knowledge management at the University of Kuffa From the standpoint of administrative leadership

Qais A. Saleh; Bassima M. Bany

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 113-138

The perception in the past that who provide financial contributions to the formation of companies and business organizations are the owners of capital, but the new reality poses another important fact, is that who have the knowledge have organized. The intellectual capital provided by the owners of knowledge, understanding the real owners of capital.
And so when dealing human resources management with members of the organization must be based on this deal from that fact, that the workers are not making work for pay and do not represent a factor of production, but they source of ideas and the main tool for change and turn challenges for competitive to the knowledge and ability of innovative or creative they own, so presumably the organization develop the ability of individuals and motivate them to development and enrichment in their performance, with the aim of activating the contributions the human element in achieving the objectives of the organization, for the latter to realize that the game competitive is not a choice, but a necessity dictated by the new circumstances, and has to deal with the rules of this game and you basically based on the importance of the human element. To achieve objective of the study was to formulate a methodology required design model linking the relationship between the innovation leadership and knowledge management requirements.
The research was based on a set of concepts and ideas and propositions modern theoretical and a set of indicators and statistical tests in order to develop a scientific approach can be university under study measuring the role of commander innovation in an environment organization, has emphasized that the existence of relations link and following the moral positive between leaders innovation and requirements management knowledge and finally reached the study to a set of conclusions and field theory which has been built upon to provide a set of recommendations are consistent with these findings that researchers deems necessary for the success of innovation leadership at the university.

Efficient market hypothesis: An Empirical Study in Iraq stock exchange For the period (2007-2010)

Akel Shaker Al-Sharea

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 161-176

This study tested the efficient market hypothesis, through application of the Iraq stock exchange for period (2007-2010) monthly & weekly data. Using parametric and nonparametric models, to test the weak form of the hypothesis and Dynamic regression model. The findings on the failure of the Iraqi market at weak form, and as well as a statistically significant relationship between the stock market index and the consumer index. It reached a number of conclusions and recommendations.

Unemployment And Ways to Address Them in Iraq (Analytical Study)

Mayada H. Raheem

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 177-187

Given the importance of the impact of unemployment in Iraqi society, has been the focus of this research to analyze the concept of unemployment and the types and methods of measurement, and by highlighting the most important monuments and the negative consequences of unemployment in Iraq
Some researchers believe that there are serious implications for unemployment at the level of the individual and society, the individual may develop mental illness are many, and can resort to drugs to escape from painful reality, and the spread of crime, and the weakness of belonging to the homeland, and hatred of society, leading to violence and terrorism against him, as well as what posed by unemployment big waste of resources invested by the community in the education of these young people and their health and social care.
In the end, the existence of a strategy to fight unemployment requires changes in institutional long-term in the economic structure and possibly policy include increasing the efficiency of the labor market, and reform of government services, and the establishment of effective systems for the social safety net, and the establishment of a specialized center in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs specializing in coordination with the private sector to identify type disciplines and skills they need in the labor market.

Forecasting a stalled Industrial Corporations Iraqi using financial ratios ((Proposed model))

Firas Kh. Al-zubaidi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 189-201

This study aims to reach a better set of financial ratios that can be used to predict Tumble Corporations Iraqi industrial early in order to intervene and take appropriate corrective action in a timely manner and to achieve that was awarded a 22 percent financial sample of 5 companies stuttering and 5 companies is stalled for a period of years (2005-2010) after it has been using linear discriminatory analysis linear Discriminate Analysis to reach the best set of financial ratios that can be used in the formulation of the model that helps to distinguish between distressed companies of non-performing companies has been reached that (6 ) with financial help in achieving the objective of the study was built the following form:
0,367X18- 0,165 X22- 0,223 X15+ 0,462X3+X1 0,515+X14 0,689=Y
Also were selected resolution form in predicting Tumble of the Iraqi industrial companies contributing years of tripping rate has been in the prediction accuracy of the model 100%.

Investment in education human resources empowerment tool in Iraq

Salim A. Resan; Mohammed M. Ali

AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 203-218

To indicated many from economic and the researchers to that the investment in the education be possible to investigation of rise does on complete for any people.
It also contributes to building a scientific and technological base and human resources you need, as the main pillar of the platform for the future vision of economic development.
There is no doubt that especially in this day and age measured strongly minds their sons and their ability to innovate and employ scientific knowledge at the service of development, and this requires upgrading education in Iraq with all its educational institutions as an urgent need to address the challenges and obstacles to human development and raise their capabilities and skills and to make the country to keep pace with the evolution in the developed world.
So says research highlights issue three detectives, I specialized in clarifying aspects of the theory and the second in a real investment in education in Iraq while the latter went for a future education and human resource development in Iraq.